3rd OLE-OLE SHAH ALAM CHESS OPEN 2011 or 3rd OSACO, is an annual chess tournament recommended and organized by My Chess Diary Ent. with cooperation and support from Ole-Ole Shopping Centre. The third edition offers two categories as in previous years, namely Open and Under-12. All participants and chess enthusiasts from around the country, especially from Shah Alam, Selangor is invited to accompany the 3rd OSACO.

For the first two editions, stands OSACC has been used to represent Ole-Ole Shah Alam Chess Championship. This year, the proponent will replace OSACC to OSACO. For knowledge, the runner for this event already apply to make 3rd OSACO is National Rated chess tournament that will be included in the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) consideration in order to determine MCF National Chess Rating. This is the main reason why the tournament is open to Malaysian chess player only.

2nd OSACC participant were most welcomed when all the participant last year received ad-hoc RM 50 voucher from the sponsors at the very last moment during the registration. This make 2nd OSACC very rare and special event, and hopefully this time, there is some more surprise and let us hoping that way 🙂

3rd OSACO heartened by the willingness of the countries number one player, IM Mas Hafizul which will also accompany the 3rd OSACO to threaten defending 2nd OSACC champion, Kamaluddin Yusoff and 1st OSACC champion, NM Zarul Shazwan Zulkafli. The presence of all three big names will be also accompanied by a large number of other players who play a major role in determining the final position of the top 10 places in the Open Category. For the Under-12, their inclusion is expected to make this new generation will be more advanced in chess in addition to taking the experience and get chance to see the country’s greatest chess players compete against each other.

Due to demand of using digital chess clock and tournament standard of chess set, the OSACO event will using both tools, which specially booked from very known chess center in Kuala Lumpur, DATCC.

May 3rd OSACO become one of the favorite chess tournament crowd in Malaysia.


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